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Lean for Higher Education

We've been working with a number of colleges and universities over the past few years to bring "Lean" to the world of Higher Education. The results have been outstanding! Learn more about how Lean projects have helped educational institutions improve services, lower costs and improve employee morale in our latest whitepaper, Lean for Higher Education.

Lean for K-12 Schools

K-12 schools across the country are increasingly asked to do more with less. Many have learned that lean process management techniques can be applied both in the classroom and in administration offices to increase efficiency, save money and provide better services to students and parents. Learn more about how lean initiatives can help schools better serve students in our latest whitepaper, Lean for K-12 Education.

Lean for Government

Every government's goal is to be a good steward of its constituents' dollars. Lean process improvement efforts are helping governments shift more resources from administrative functions to programming and services - demonstrating their commitment to the public. Read about how government entities are using lean to improve services and save money in our latest whitepaper, Lean for Government.

Lean for Industry

Lean found its roots in manufacturing. Over the years it has evolved and found application in all types of work environments. Lean is not a one-size fits all. We each use lean methodologies and tools in our own way to transition from chaos to efficiency and profitability. Read how different organizations have used Lean to improve their businesses.

Process Mapping or Value Stream Mapping

There is often confusion about which mapping tool to use when mapping to improve processes. This document describes some similarities and differences between the two along with tips on choosing the appropriate one for your next mapping project.
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