The World of workplacelean

Learn how workplacelean can increase efficiency in your organization.

Lean Process Improvement

Lean is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, reducing errors and improving productivity. Lean process improvements are sustainable because employees are engaged and are part of the solution.

Industries that Benefit from Lean

Every industry can benefit from lean process improvement. DBR’s workplacelean consultants have experience assisting a wide variety of organization types streamline their operations and achieve greater efficiency. Greater efficiency means a reduction in expenditures and an increase in productivity. It also often means improved morale among employees. A few of industries with which DBR commonly works includes:

Your Lean Journey

Your lean journey will be customized for you in close consultation with an industry-expert DBR consultant. Access a full list of workplacelean programs.

to lean

Apply lean and
get results

Create a sustainable
lean program

Introductory lean programs help organizations develop an understanding and appreciation of continuous lean process improvement. Some organizations jump right in to address an inefficient process, thereby learning skills while accomplishing a desired result. Organizations wholly embracing lean work with DBR to train their own staff to be lean facilitators. Having lean champions on staff ensures continuous and sustainable lean process improvement.
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