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Increased administrative efficiency means
greater service for constituents.

Every government’s goal is to be a good steward of its constituents’ dollars. Shifting more resources from administrative functions to programming and services demonstrates your commitment to the public.

Whether your community needs to cut costs and stretch a limited budget or is experiencing the organizational growing pains that come with rapid expansion, workplacelean can help you develop efficient processes that result in improved customer service. Processes that can often be made more efficient include:

  • Human Resources (Payroll, Hiring, Release)
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Permitting and Code Compliance
  • Municipal Utility Services
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Procurement and Asset Management
  • Special Events Planning & Prep
  • Subdivision Development

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A Customized Approach

Introductory Lean Programs introduce your staff to the lean philosophy and the basics of how to apply lean to achieve everyday process improvements.

Process Improvement Programs 'get to work' increasing institutional efficiency by training participants to see, evaluate, plan and implement improvements of problem processes.

Workspace Organization Programs help employees organize their workspace, including "electronic workspaces", for improved functionality and efficiency.

Lean Consulting provides expert assistance and support to ensure the success and sustainability of lean initiatives.

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Success Stories

City of Ankeny streamlines its purchase order and accounts payable processes to save costs and minimize staff time! Read More...

City of Newton improve payroll efficiency and accuracy!

"I have worked with DBR on three separate occasions to improve organizational operations. Their approach is to learn our needs and tailor their program to meet them. The facilitators are skilled at engaging city staff and finding workable solutions. The results of the partnership with DBR are more efficient delivery of city services and employees with a higher level of job satisfaction."
- Tim Moerman, City Administrator, City of Waukee

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