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Lean 101-Intro to Lean Manufacturing

Monday, May 11, 2020
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
DMACC Southridge Center, Rm 20D
Cost: $250

Geared towards manufacturing, Lean 101 will explain key lean concepts and give your team the tools to improve work process and quality. This foundation course uses an engaging simulation to teach teams to identify and eliminate inefficiencies, solve problems and make improvements that have an impact on their work performance and the company’s bottom line.
Expected Outcomes for Participants 
 Acquire a basic understanding of lean terminology and tools
 Be able to identify common workplace inefficiencies
 Understand how basic lean tools can be applied to increase workplace efficiency and productivity.

Training Agenda 
• Explanation of the Lean 101 Simulation 
• Simulation: Round One – Introduction to Lean Manufacturing 
• Lean Tools: Standardized Work, 5S System, Visual Controls, Plant Layout 
• Simulation: Round Two 
• Lean Tools: Teams, Quick Changeover, Batch Reduction, POUS, Quality @ Source 
• Simulation: Round Three 
• Lean Tools: Pull/Kanban, Cellular Flow, TPM 
• Simulation: Round Four 
• Conclusion: Benefits of Lean

Registration for this event is not open.

Documents and Files

Training_Lean 101 - Final.pdf