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Intro to Lean "Light"

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
8:30 am - 12:30 pm
DMACC Southridge Center, Rm 20C
Cost: $150

Lean Flashlight Simulation
In the Lean Flashlight simulation, participants learn to identify 9 types
of common work wastes and discover the appropriate lean tools and
techniques for reducing or eliminating those wastes. Participants practice
applying the new knowledge to a simulated flashlight (torch) assembly
process. The simulation allows participants to see the impact their
changes have on productivity, quality and profitability.

Expected Outcomes for Participants
• Ability to identify common workplace inefficiencies
• Acquire a basic understanding of lean tools and terminology
• Understand how lean tools can be applied to improve workplace efficiency and productivity in their own workplace

Training Agenda
• Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
• 9 Wastes
• Torch Simulation Orientation – Rules
• Round One Simulation
• Tools: Work Area Layout, 5S System, Visual Controls, and Error Proofing
• Round Two Simulation
• Tools: Batch Reduction, Work Sequencing, Quality at the Source, and Cross Training
• Round Three Simulation
• Tools: Cellular Flow, Workload Rebalancing, Pull/Kanban
• Round Four Simulation
• Wrap-up & Evaluations


Documents and Files

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