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Value Stream Mapping

Tuesday, April 14, 2020
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
DMACC Southridge Center, 20B
Cost: $250

VSM trains participants how to map all activities in a process from the point of request to the point of delivery of a product or service so they can evaluate, plan and prioritize improvements. This class will walk participants through creating a Value Stream Map both on paper and as a large visual map on the wall. Particpants will learn what types of data need collected and how to calculate overal processing time and lead time for a product or service. 

Training Agenda
• Overview of Lean principles
• Explanation of a Value Stream Map (VSM)

– Understanding components of a VSM

– Learning to draw a VSM

• Creating the Current State map

– Learning how to identify customer value

– Identifying and collecting data and information

– Interpretation of the VSM

• Creating the Future State Map

– Applying Lean tools

– Gaining agreement on prioritized improvements

– Developing the Improvement Plan

• Wrap up


Documents and Files

Value Stream Mapping 12hr Flyer.pdf