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5S: Organizing Your Workspace

Tuesday, December 3, 2019
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
DMACC Southridge Center, Rm 20B
Cost: $250

This popular 5S program teaches employees how to organize their physical workspace for greatest workflow efficiency and effectiveness, as well as improved morale.  Students will learn the 5-step process for organizing a workspace from sorting through unneeded items to creating visual controls and creating a sustainment plan to maintain their improvements. 

Expected Outcomes for Participants
• Understanding of the 5 step structured approach to organizing any workspace
• Achievement of a space that is organized for improved workflow
• Understanding of inventory requirements and item retention
• Acquisition of skills that can be applied to other workspaces
• Practical experience applying organizational tools to a workspace and creating standards to ensure sustainability

Optimal 5S Target Areas
• Individual and shared offices/workspaces
• Kitchens and break rooms
• Laboratories and production areas
• Storage and supply areas
• Maintenance facilities
• Anyplace that is disorganized and cluttered

Length of Class 8 hours

Training Agenda
• Introduction to Lean & the 9 Wastes
• Assessment of the target area(s)
• Review of 5S tools and techniques
• Learn and apply the Sort, Shine, Set, Standardize 
• Conduct 5S project & class presentation
• Learn practices to Sustain improvements