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Electronic 5S: Organizing Electronic Workspaces

Thursday, January 2, 2020
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
DMACC Southridge Center, Rm 28
Cost: $100

Organizing your Electronic Workspace
Many employees accustomed to paper filing systems do not have the organizational skills to effectively manage their electronically stored information. Decreasing time spent searching for files improves efficiency and reduces employee frustration.

Expected Outcomes for Participants
• Understand how to create folders, sort, organize and use quick access tools for improved efficiency
• Learn how to develop folder hierarchies, naming conventions and document headers/footers
• Practice applying organizing tools and techniques to manage electronic files

Training Agenda (4 hours)
Outlook® Email
• Review of email viewing & sorting options
• Set preferences, distribution lists & task lists
• Review how and where to save emails to calendars & network folders
• Review how to effectively utilize the Outlook calendar

Network Drives
• Review folder views & sorting
• Learn how to use quick access tools for files & folders
• Discuss document storage options

File & Folder Management
• Discuss folder hierarchy structure
• Discuss the importance of naming conventions
• Tips for using abbreviations, editing & other quick tips
• Review how to use footers & quick parts
• Discuss retention standards & best practices

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Documents and Files

Training_Electronic 5S - Final.pdf